Headlines with Heidi! Don’t let them divide us over SHOTS!

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I recently discovered that a longtime friend had “unfriended” me on Facebook, and I believe it was related to my opinions about Covid shots.

Let’s start with this – EVERYONE has opinions about them. Strong opinions.

My opinions about the “poison dart” don’t mean that I don’t love and respect my friends, many of whom have chosen the get the Covid “vaccine”. If you have watched my videos or heard my radio show or podcasts, you know that I won’t go near it, but I still love and appreciate things about my friends that are NOT related to, or dependent on, their SHOT STATUS. There was and is something else that drew us together as friends, and that should not be destroyed through politics.

I know there’s plenty of intolerance on both sides, but we should not allow the powers that be to let this issue form a wedge between us. They are trying to destroy the fabric of society – friendships and families. They want us at each others’ throats – then we don’t notice what they’re doing behind the curtain.

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