Headlines with Heidi! Vegas journalist murdered by disgraced politician? So police believe.

Video HERE.

Jeff German, whose Vegas journalism career spanned several decades, was murdered last week, and police have arrested a suspect – a disgraced politician whose office antics and maltreatment of others was reported by Jeff in the Review Journal, Nevada’s largest newspaper.

German uncovered all kinds of problems in the Public Administrator’s office after the employees alerted him. The accused man, Robert Telles, blamed for his loss in the primary and was quite vocal on social media.

He couldn’t just admit he’d been jerk and change his life – he had to blame his problems on a reporter. Now who’s the idiot? Police believe Robert Telles stabbed Jeff German to death in his yard and he’s been arrested/currently held without bail.

Here are some more details on the case: https://www.8newsnow.com/investigators/investigators-sources-dna-from-under-las-vegas-journalists-fingernails-led-to-elected-official-arrested-for-murder/

Here’s a link to Jeff’s reporting: https://www.reviewjournal.com/investigations/jeff-germans-investigative-work-related-to-robert-telles-2636206/


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