Headlines with Heidi! Guest: Rabbi Chananya Weissman on “The Covid Cult and the ten commandments

Rabbi Chananya Weissman is an Orthodox Rabbi, author, filmmaker in Jerusalem. He is very concerned about what he’s seeing with vaccines in Israel. His most recent column was “The Covid Cult and the Ten Commandments” We talked about WHY the Jewish people have been so quick to become a national experiment, his recent columns, politics in Israel, and the HOPE that is always present, even in the worst circumstances.  

His website is ChananyaWeissman.com 

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  1. Monterey Brookman says:

    Mazel tov! Well done, well said, both you and Rabbi. In the Torah, throughout His Word, HaShem has given us us easy to understand, clear instructions for healthy living. Choose Life! L’Chaim. Shalom.


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