Sisolak’s “Mitigation” plan is worse than you think, and as vague as you’d expect.

Well, our illustrious Governor Sisolak has done it again. He’s drafted a “Long Term Mitigation Plan” that is vague to say the least. He’s offered no date or specific guidelines for bars and other affected businesses to open, and no date for churches to return to normal, although that is still in the courts. 

Here’s the kicker, straight from his “Road to Recovery” Returning to Normal”:

Instead of “Phases”, he has created “Mitigation Levels” to punish people. 

But get this. The “Metrics” he and his clown show “task force” will be looking at the following data:

1. Hospital Capacity

2. Access to Personal Protective Equipment

3. Testing Capacity

4. Case Investigation and Contact Tracing

5. Protection of Vulnerable Populations

6. Enforcement

As our Governor, he is RESPONSIBLE for EVERY one of those “metrics” except #1. He can’t be held responsible for how many people wind up in hospitals. No one can. Patients may have underlying conditions, wait to long to go to the hospital, etc. But it’s sure as hell not the fault of BAR OWNERS. 

Every OTHER metric is under his authority. He is the HEAD of our state. Everything that goes wrong is his fault. Hell, they blame Trump for everything that happens in America.

You wanted the job, Sisolak – now DO it. The bucks stops with him. The shit runs downhill, as they say.

In “Mitigation Level 2, “State licenses may be removed for targeted businesses if outbreaks at those locations cannot be controlled”. “Targeted”. Uh huh. 

First of all, NO business owner will allow a “uncontrolled outbreak” to occur at his or her businesss, and second, how the hell can you PROVE where you got something??

These are the details our largely fawning members of the press (who are still getting paychecks) are ignoring. Just thought I’d share them with you.

I read these things so you don’t have to. He’s hoping you don’t. 

Heidi Harris 


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  1. Jennie says:

    I see other States putting up Plastic and are able to apply extra Protection for Teachers so they are able to Teach! BUT not Nevada! Arkansas and several states are giving ALL options for Classroom learning, online and Hybrid learning, yet not Nevada! NOTHING! So sad for the children to be quarantined in Spite of the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics Administration recommendations to let children go back to school. Teachers with underlying health issues need to PPE up or retire! (masks, face shields, gloves, plastic or plexiglass around their desks and distance)

    • Heidi Harris
      Heidi Harris says:

      Do you honestly think that’s even possible? Teachers cant keep kids in their seats already. If you’re afraid you’re going to DIE if you get the China Flu, stay home or change careers.

  2. Viv E. Thompson says:

    When we were first hit with this ‘plague’, Gov Sisolak was off to a good start but then he dropped the ball. No mandates or rules are protecting us. Only common sense can do that and it seems to be missing. I am not taking the vaccine because I’ve heard enough of the results to know I’m more afraid of it than of the China virus. On the other hand, I stay home and when I do go out, I wear my K95 mask. Some of us have an exceptional immune system. I hugged my niece who had Covid but of course I did not know that and I did not catch it. I don’t believe we should bully people which is all this current administration does in every area.


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