CDC has no record of Covid-recovered people spreading Covid. That’s weird.

Tell this to your scaredy-cat family, who won’t have you at their Thanksgiving table. Apparently the CDC has no record of anyone who is Covid-recovered (like me), and unvaxxed, catching Covid later and spreading it to others.

Weird, huh? Who’d ever think someone with natural immunity would be infectious? After all, this has never been the case throughout medical history. You catch something, and if you survive it, your body has some protection against it for the future.

If that weren’t true, humanity would have died out a few thousand years ago. Do you think the vax zealots will believe this? They’d rather believe that their choice to get the jab was the right one, so they’re digging their heels in, going down with the vax ship.

And how about those daycare proponents who used to tell you it was a good idea for your kid to get all those runny noses. “Builds up immunity”, they (used to) say! Lies, lies, lies…..when will people stop believing them??

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